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PrediMulsion is a HLD-based webapp that enables sustainable, collaborative digitalization of formulation R&D, with users all over the world and a unique license approach.


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PrediMulsion packages HLD (Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Difference) parameters of commercial ingredients and formulation knowledge into a digital tool. It is used for surfactant selection and blending to achieve maximum performance, depending on composition and conditions.

By using automation to obtain HLD parameters and test the emulsions properties, VLCI offers an unprecedented wide view of the formulation space. PrediMulsion is used to develop emulsions, microemulsions and surfactant blends in every field; personal/home care, coating resins, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, etc.

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  • HLD of commercial ingredients available, determined experimentally “as provided.”

  • Predict (in)compatibility and stability of emulsions for all industrial sectors.

  • Find matching, replacing and bridging ingredients 100x faster and reduce formulation space a 10-fold.

  • Select surfactants or design surfactant blends based on the desired properties.

  • Develop (biobased) formulations and select optimum ingredients from everywhere.

Input conditions

PrediMulsion Formulation Workflow


Database of Predictive Parameters

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Experts on Predictive formulation science

VLCI has been a spearhead for HLD in the industry since 2011, taking lessons and models from Academia and deploying them in the market. We offer ingredient HLD characterizations, training sessions, applied formulation support and HTE for sample preparation and testing.

Oils and surfactants are characterized via emulsification scans with known ingredients and evaluated according to their Winsor type (W/O, O/W, microemulsion). The phase change is defined as HLD = 0 (Microemulsion), which allows to determine the HLD characteristic parameters of each ingredient.

The HLD equation can then be used to model the SOW system and predict the properties of any emulsion.

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    • Full Access to PrediMulsion (Web-App + Database)

    • Send Ingredients of interest to characterize

    • Privately load (and/or store) your own HLD datasets

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    All benefits from PrediMulsion Single +

    • 3 Collaborative licences

    • Option to share your private databases with the team

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    All benefits from PrediMulsion Team +

    • Transfer licences between users

    • Custom API for programmatic access to datasets

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