Digitalization of science-based formulation R&D

PrediApps is a platform of science-based formulation webapps that enables sustainable, worldwide collaborative digitalization of formulation R&D.


PrediApps: Digital Formulation Platform

Ingredients are characterized once, and the HSP and HLD parameters can be used repeatedly to model compatibility and efficiency, select or replace ingredients, and develop optimum formulations: Sustainable R&D.

We have a global community of raw material suppliers and end-product formulators exchanging knowledge and information. Users decide which ingredients to characterize next (for free!) and suppliers can offer their products in the platform. Formulate in private while benefiting from Collaborative R&D.

  • HSP and HLD of commercial ingredients available, determined experimentally “as provided”.

  • Predict (in)compatibility and stability of formulations for all industrial sectors.

  • Find matching, replacing and bridging ingredients 100x faster and reduce formulation space a 10-fold.


The right technique

PrediMatch (HSP)

PrediMatch (HSP)

  • Privately formulate: Solutions and dispersions and complement emulsions.

  • D, P, H parameters for ALL ingredient types to predict (in)compatibility and optimize performance.

  • Shared dataset of experimental HSP obtained through dissolution, swelling and sedimentation testing.

  • Focus on commercial products, applicable to all industrial fields.

PrediMulsion (HLD)

PrediMulsion (HLD)

  • Privately formulate emulsions; surfactant selection, Microemulsions, O/W, W/O.

  • Cc for Surfactants, EACN for Oils, resins and monomers to predict (in)compatibility and optimize performance.

  • Shared dataset of experimental HLD parameters obtained through emulsification scans.

  • Applicable to all emulsion types and all industries.

Combine both for a wide overview of complex formulation processes!

Database of Predictive Parameters


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Experts on Predictive formulation science

VLCI provides R&D services and digitalization, accelerating product development in the fields of paint & coatings, personal and home care, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, petrochemicals, and polymers.

We are a dynamic company of formulation enthusiasts, serving small to multinational companies worldwide. Our HSP and HLD-based formulation R&D services are unique, combining HT screening and image recognition to create the largest commercial predictive parameters database, PredictID, and two formulation webapps to leverage the information: PrediMatch and PrediMulsion.

You can tap from our expertise and use the largest datasets in a digital formulation platform: PrediApps.

Together we implement science-based formulation

Join the PrediApps community: together we can advance predictive sciences via collaborative and sustainable digitalization of formulation R&D!

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