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PrediMatch is a HSP-based webapp that enables sustainable, collaborative digitalization of formulation R&D, with users all over the world and a unique license approach.


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PrediMatch packages HSP (Hansen Solubility/Similarity Parameters) of commercial ingredients and formulation knowledge in a digital tool. It is used to evaluate matching, replacing and bridging ingredients and achieve maximum performance in Solutions, Dispersions and to complement Emulsions.

Fueled by HTE and image recognition to obtain experimental HSP parameters, it is ready to revolutionize the way we select ingredients, reduce environmental impact, and how we formulate coatings, inks, personal and home care products, pharmaceuticals, agricultural products, polymers, etc.

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  • HSP of commercial ingredients available, determined experimentally “as provided”.

  • Predict (in)compatibility between ingredients in formulations of all industrial sectors.

  • Find matching, replacing and bridging ingredients 100x faster and reduce formulation space a 10-fold.

  • Design extraction processes, custom solvent blends and ingredients.

  • Develop (biobased) formulations and select optimum ingredients.

Input ingedients

PrediMatch Formulation Workflow


Database of Predictive Parameters

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Experts on Predictive formulation science

VLCI is a certified research centre for determinations of HSP and implementations thereof. The solubility (or dispersibility) of a product is assessed within a standardized set of solvents with known HSPs, spread over the 3-dimensional HSP space.

Solvents and products are automatically dispensed via the gravimetric dispensing unit of our High Throughput platform. The solubility is ranked from 1 (excellent) to 6 (very poor). Based on these scores, the HSPiP software generates the solubility sphere of the tested product.

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  • PrediMatch
    • Full Access to PrediMatch (Web-App + Database)

    • Send Ingredients of interest to characterize

    • Privately load, store and share your own HSP datasets

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    All benefits from PrediMatch Single +

    • 3 Collaborative licences

    • Option to share your private databases with the team

  • PrediMatch

    All benefits from PrediMatch Team +

    • Transfer licences between users

    • Custom API for programmatic access to datasets

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